3 more deaths of Dengue Fever in fifth week this year

3 more deaths of dengue fever in fifth week this year. Total increase from 7 deaths last year to 18 deaths this year. Minister of Health Malaysia said, we have received total of 1232 dengue fever cases and 50% of case happened in Selangor, Malaysia. Eight states in Malaysia shown increase of dengue fever disease since one week ago which is Kelantan 162%, Johor 40%, Selangor 33%, Perak 18%, Sabah 13%, Malacca 10%, Pahang 8% and Sarawak 2%.
There are 109 chikungunya cases reported in fifth week this year where compare to last year only 94 cases. He also said, 74% of mosquito breeding place is from shop and residential area.

reference: What is Mosquito- Born Disease, MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray

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