Hong Kong citizen infected Dengue

One of the Hong Kong citizen who is toured in Malaysia and Indonesia has infected Dengue and reported stable in Hong Kong hospital. He had vomiting and fever on 3rd April this month. He is toured with relatives but they did not get an infection.

This has increase Dengue to 11 cases this year in Hong Kong where compare to last whole year is 42 cases and confirmed all the infections were been brought in from overseas.

reference: Mosquito- Born Disease

MOZ AWAY Long Hour Protection up to 9 hours with kiwi fragrance

Here is the details for newly produce MOZ AWAY mosquito spray:

MOZ AWAY Long Hour Protection provides up to 9 hours protection with kiwi fragrance. This repellent is non-irritating, non greasy and non staining newly produced mosquito spray and effective against mosquitoes and insects.

Direction of use: For external usage only.

Quantity: 75ml per bottle

Active Ingredient: Picaridin 19.2%

Inert Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin, water 80.8%

Due to MOZ AWAY mosquito spray has become well known household brand, this newly mosquito spray is produced to provide longer hours protection and appreciation to our loyal customers.

Usage instructions with tested and result provened:

1) Shoe cabinet/ wardrobe
Mosquitoes like to stay in the shady and windless area such as shoe cabinet and wardrobe; you may spray few times into cabinet or wardrobe to cut down mosquitoes to fly in.

2) Clothes
Spray onto clothes before wear especially when you intend to go out at night.

3) Plants/ Flowers(Only for Moz Away Repellent Spray)
Mosquitoes like to hide around home plants or flowers; you may spray onto plants or flowers to repel mosquitoes immediately.

4) Hand/ Leg/ Body/ Face (External only)
Spray on hands, legs and body when mosquitoes are active. For face, spray onto hands before apply on face.

5) Night driving
Mosquitoes like to fly into car at night or early morning, spray few times into car then leave the door open for 1- 2mins before get in.

6) Bedroom
Mosquitoes are active at night, spray few times into bedroom before go to bed.

7) Doors/ Windows
Mosquitoes always fly into house through doors and windows, spray few times to the side of doors and windows to cut down mosquitoes fly into the house.

8) Kitchen dustbin
Because of the wastage foods, other than flies, mosquitoes also like to fly into dustbin, spray few times into it to cut down mosquitoes and flies.

reference: Product's testimonials

10 reasons why choose Moz Away spray

1) Moz Away spray is produced 100% naturally from plants' oil that do not cause side effect to our skin.

2) Moz Away spray is DEET free, non greasy, non staining and chemical free.

3) Moz Away spray is suitable for all skins.

4) Moz Away spray can be used by everyone include baby and children.

5) Moz Away spray can be used on plants and flowers.

6) Moz Away spray provides long protection hour.

7) Moz Away spray has been awarded as best selling products in Asia countries.

8) Moz Away spray is easy to carry and easy to use.

9) Moz Away spray is on reasonable and affordable price.

10) Moz Away spray is result provened from many countries.

8 tips to repel mosquitoes using MOZ AWAY spray

MOZ AWAY Mosquito Repellent Spray Q & A

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