New Version Of Moz Away - Moz Away Natural

Moz Away Natural, 75ml - New version! getting popular in Asia now!

Ingredients: 100% Citronelle oil.

Why citronelle: Citronelle oil is violating liquid oil derived from dried cultivated grasses. It works on insects without harming and killing them and it has a distinctive odor which make difficult for some insects such as mosquitoes to locate host. Citronelle oil also can be used to repel other insects like black flies, flea and ticks.

Use: To repel mosquitoes and harmful insects.

How to use: Spray on exposed area such as body, hand and leg. For face, spray onto hand before apply onto face. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

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Citronella Mosquito Repellent I Mosquito Repellents I Mosquitoes Repellent

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