Dengue fever kills one life a day!

Start from 21 to 24 Feb this year, Malaysia totally reported 670 cases of dengue fever with 4 poeple died, average 1 person killed a day. According to Health Minister, 2 out of 4 victims are from Selangor, the other 2 are from Putrajaya and Negeri Sembilan. He said 1st seven weeks this year totally report with 7898 cases of dengue fever with 29 people died. If compare to same period of last year, dengue cases have dropped to 1645 but people died increase from 25 to 29 people. He also said, high risk period for dengue fever is every Dec, Jan and Feb, every Malaysian has to ensure their home is free of mosquito breeding and when occur dengue fever symptoms, has to get doctor inspection and treatment immediately.

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