Is MOZ AWAY mosquito spray Over- The- Counter product?

"What is Over- The- Counter product?" Over- The- Counter product means the product you can purchase without doctor's prescription. MOZ AWAY mosquito spray is definitely Over-The-Counter product as we have fulfilled Over- The- Counter term and regulation to show consumer in clear information before they buy, below are the information stated in the box or label:

1) Name of Active/ Inactive ingredients
Ingredients that used to make the product.

2) Purpose of product
Why do you need to use it.

3) Warning, precaution and solution
What will happen is misused, accidently and what is the solution.

4) Product direction
Direction on using the product.

5) Other information
Speciality of the product.

So MOZ AWAY mosquito spray is 100% safe and do not provide side effect, to understand more about the product, you may click on this link to Product Q&A.

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