Vaccine for mosquito disease will not be available for next 10 years

Deputy director of Ministry of Health Malaysia said vaccine for mosquito disease still not be available for the next 5 to 10 years. Public needs to be more alert to cut down of mosquito breeding. Singapore and Vietnam now is working hard to develop vaccine to cure mosquito disease.

He mentioned, if we manage to develop vaccine, we need to do more testing on effectiveness and safeness before release officially so in short period of time, vaccine is impossible to be developed.

He also mentioned, in our country, Malaysia, has now reported 26446 cases of Dengue Fever this year and causing 64 people died, among of them, 64% of reported Dengue Fever and 74% of high risk mosquito breeding area is in Klang river.

With the effort of Ministry of Health, Dengue Fever has been successfully been cut down for the past 3 weeks and we have set a 7 strategies to cut down Dengue Fever start from now to the year of 2013.

He finally mentioned, Dengue Fever is affecting 25 billion people worldwide especially in Africa, South of America, Middle East, South East Asia and Asia Pacific country.

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