Chikungunya attacks family in Muar, Johor

Family of five infected with Chikungunya due to drainage problem outside their house in Muar, Johor. Owner of the house said that, Muar Municipal Council has not been cleaning the drain around her house for long time and now causing breeding of mosquitoes. She said her husband, herself and her 3 children gets Chikungunya infection due to this problem. After Ministry of Health aware of this issue, they have arranged 'gotong royong' and 'mosquito fogging' in that area to control the Chikungunya disease. Mr Lee from complaint department of Muar Municipal Council has also arrange cleaning company to clean all the drains to prevent mosquitoes breeding and he also said everyone has responsibility to play a part to do cleaning at their area to prevent mosquitoes breeding.

3 deaths of Dengue Fever in Selangor

Speaker of Ministry of Health said that, last week there are 1071 cases reported with 3 deaths of Dengue Fever, 3 deaths reported in Selangor state. On top of that, 84 cases of Chikungunya also reported at the same time and overall has increase to 3399 cases with no death reported for Chikungunya. For Dengue Fever, cases increase to 103 just in one week when compare to 2 weeks ago statistics. Until today, death of Dengue Fever has increase to 90 cases and overall is 41034 cases for this year.

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