Johor blacklisted with Chikungunya Disease

Based on the statistics from Ministry of Health, 2000 people has infected with Chikungunya disease up to September this year and half of the cases are reported in Johor. Ministry of Health believes that, the total of people gets infected might be more than what has reported. One of the farmer, Mr. Tay from Tangkak, Johor who gets Chikungunya infection said, he usually can work more than 10 hours a day but now he only can work 2 hours a day. After he went home from work, he will feel joint pain especially at night until he cannot sleep well. Another former Chikungunya patient, Mr Ong also from Tangkak, Johor said, other than him, his family of four also get infected, now he still cannot walk properly even though he has recovered. Dr. Chua from Hospital Pantai, Malacca said, currently there is no specific treatment or vaccine available to cure Chikungunya disease, although patient has recover, the person will suffer joint pain up to few months or even longer.

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