8 tips to repel mosquitoes using MOZ AWAY spray

1) Shoe cabinet/ wardrobe
Mosquitoes like to stay in the shady and windless area such as shoe cabinet and wardrobe; you may spray few times into cabinet or wardrobe to cut down mosquitoes to fly in.

2) Clothes
Spray onto clothes before wear especially when you intend to go out at night.

3) Plants/ Flowers (Only for Moz Away Mosquito Repellent Spray)
Mosquitoes like to hide around home plants or flowers; you may spray onto plants or flowers to repel mosquitoes immediately.

4) Hand/ Leg/ Body/ Face (External only)
Spray on hands, legs and body when mosquitoes are active. For face, spray onto hands before apply on face.

5) Night driving
Mosquitoes like to fly into car at night or early morning, spray few times into car then leave the door open for 1- 2mins before get in.

6) Bedroom
Mosquitoes are active at night, spray few times into bedroom before go to bed.

7) Doors/ Windows
Mosquitoes always fly into house through doors and windows, spray few times to the side of doors and windows to cut down mosquitoes fly into the house.

8) Kitchen dustbin
Because of the wastage foods, other than flies, mosquitoes also like to fly into dustbin, spray few times into it to cut down mosquitoes and flies.

MOZ AWAY Mosquito Repellent Spray Q & A

1) Is MOZ AWAY Mosquito Spray safe to Baby and Children?
Yes. MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray is 100% natural plant oil extracted from Citronelle and Neem and it does not contains any chemical ingredients and DEET FREE, MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray is fully safe to baby and children.

2) Why MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray will irritates eyes?
MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray contains oil extracted from Citronelle. Citronelle naturally contains a little toxicity and only suitable for external use, if accidentally spray on eyes, it will caused irritation to eyes.

3) What happen if I accidentally spray on eyes?
If accidentally spray on eyes, wash with plenty of warm or cold water until irritation has gone.

4) What is PH 5.5?
PH value will show whether the liquid is acidic, neutral or base (alkaline). PH scale is from 0 to 14, neutral point is 7. Value over this point is consider bases (alkaline), value under this point is consider acids, the further value away from 7, the stronger is the acid or base (alkaline). MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray is PH 5.5 so it is considered neutral liquid and suitable for all skins.

5) Will MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray harms on plants and flowers?
No. Although Citronelle and Neem has ability to repel mosquitoes and other insects but it only affect harmful insects, Citronelle and Neem also has ability to provide extra protection to plants and flowers.

6) How long will the oil last after sprayed into shoe cabinet, wardrobe or dustbin?
It usually can last for 3 - 5 days.

7) Will the oil disappear if we get drenched?
Yes, because the oil is from plants so its can be washed away by water.

8) Why use Citronelle oil?
Citronelle oil is violating liquid oil derived from dried cultivated grasses. It works on insects without harming and killing them and it has a distinctive odor which make difficult for some insects such as mosquitoes to locate host. Citronelle oil also can be used to repel other insects like black flies, flea and ticks.

9) Why use Neem oil?
One of the active ingredients ‘azadirachtin’ is isolated from Neem; ‘azadirachtin’ has been proven 90% effective to be the main agent for batting insects especially to mosquitoes. In some countries, Neem has been using since few decades as a natural pesticide in controlling harmful insects especially to mosquitoes.

10) Can MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray to be used by Muslim and Muslimin?

MOZ AWAY mosquito repellent spray is 100% fully made from plants oil and it does not contains alcohol so MOZ AWAY Spray is safe to be used by everyone include baby and children.

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