Chikungunya rose from 100 cases yearly to 100 cases weekly

Til 6 Dec 08, Ministry of Health Malaysia stated that total Chikungunya reported is 3706 cases today. Chikungunya disease reported in all states in Malaysia start from Johor to East Coast of Malaysia Kelantan. Johor still be the most reported Chikungunya disease which is 1675 cases.

Chikungunya disease has been risen from less than 100 cases yearly to 100 cases weekly today. Only 3 states in Malaysia currently not infected with Chikungunya disease which is Perlis, Sabah and Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan. Latest news from Kedah, 20 cases of Chikungunya disease reported yesterday with 10 patients are hospitalised. All patients are staying at central part of Kedah.

Ministry of Health advised people not to travel to those countries with Chikungunya disease include those states in Malaysia. Currently Chikungunya disease is under control and to prevent mosquitoes disease, everyone has to start from their home and ensure their place is out of mosquitoes breeding especially Malaysia now is in Monsoon rain season.

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